Why buy when you can rent? 

Renting scaffolding is a flexible and cost-effective way to operate in the field of scaffolding construction. You get scaffolding materials specifically tailored to your project when you need them. 

Do you need to rent scaffolding for your construction project? 

We are one of Sweden's largest providers of scaffolding and weather protection rentals. Since 2013, we have supplied many Nordic companies in scaffolding construction. With a scaffolding inventory of approximately 400,000 square meters or about 7,000 tons, you can rest assured that you will receive the scaffolding materials you need for your project, on time and with good financial planning for the remainder of your project. We rent out complete scaffolding solutions for your project based on your estimate. Of course, we also have details such as stairs, grandstands, and stage details, as well as components for suspended scaffolding if your project requires it. You can also purchase consumables such as cover materials, tarps, straps, and safety signs. We offer frame scaffolding, modular scaffolding, and weather protection from the leading manufacturer Layher. These systems are adaptable to all types of work, including facade work, painting, new construction, roofing, or industrial scaffolding. 
We have a substantial inventory of weather protection, allowing you to offer your clients the ability to carry out advanced renovations year-round.
Layher scaffolding pipes and scaffolding at Nobius
Layher platforms at Nobius Logistics

Assembly instructions from Layher

Layher Allround (frame scaffolding)
Layher Zifa (modular scaffolding)
Layher Keder XL (weather protection)