Maintain Flexibility in Your Project – Rent Scaffolding & Weather Protection with Us!

Welcome to Nobius Logistics, your trusted partner in scaffolding and weather protection. We specialize in delivering high-quality solutions that make your construction project smooth and successful. 

Why Nobius Logistics?

We are adaptable to a variety of projects such as facade work, painting projects, new constructions, roofing work, and industrial scaffolding. We are also proud to offer comprehensive weather protection solutions, allowing you to carry out advanced work year-round. Experience and Capacity: Since 2013, we have supported many Swedish companies in scaffolding construction. With a scaffolding inventory of approximately 400,000 square meters or about 7,000 tons, we have the capacity required to provide the scaffolding materials you need for your project. We understand the importance of time and budget in your project and always strive to deliver on time and within budget. Our range includes complete scaffolding solutions tailored to your project estimate. 

We are here to make your project planning and execution as smooth as possible.

In Stock 2023

7000tons - 400.000m2